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Balkan Periodicals The Trajectory of Islamic Thought in the Interwar Period – ed. Sevba Abdula, Ahmet Köroğlu

Publication Date: 05/07/2024
Dr. Sevba Abdula
Dr. Ahmet Köroğlu

We express our deepest gratitude to the making efforts for their unwavering commitment in curating and facilitating scholarly works on the historical periodicals of the Balkan region. Their contributions have significantly expanded research horizons and provided innovative perspectives. We are also indebted to the reviewers, whose meticulous feedback and constructive critiques have been indispensable in refining the content and enhancing the scholarly rigor and academic integrity of this publication.

Finally, we extend our sincere appreciation to our esteemed partners: the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, and the Uskup Foundation, as well as to Mustafa Ozturk, Serdar Serdaroğlu, Hana Younis, Enisa Alomerović, Vedat Ahmet, Hamdi Cilingir, Besir Neziri, Besnik Emini, Fation Shabani, Furkan Abdula, Elif Rushiti, and Zehra A. Sadiki. Without their contributions and support, this book would not have been possible between two covers.